These boys love their puppies. Beanie baby puppies (with the odd Snoopy and Scooby Doo thrown into the mix) to be precise. They remind me of the Pound Puppies I loved so much when I was a kid, only my puppies didn't have space adventures or fight evil cat leaders.

We're always on the lookout at yard sales for new mutts to add to the mix. Its amazing how many people collected dozens of these things, and then kept them (tags still on) for years only to let them go for 75 cents each at a yard sale. Finn scored 5 new friends this weekend (bargaining the price down just like his Grandma Sweetmeat taught him), while Leo was a little more selective and only chose two. Paid for with their own money, you better believe the new guys are tucked tight into bed with them even as I am typing these words...

Hay There!

So, its been a while since I've posted anything here. I'm going to back-fill some photos from adventures we've had over the past few months, so if you're seeing this post for the first time you can scroll back in time for about 6 other new (old) posts.

These two photos remind me of my boys' (and my) current obsession with the Hay Day game on the ipad. First Finn had a farm to manage, and then I got into managing it for him. Then I got possessive over the farm and decided I should just have my own. Then Leo was interested in playing, but neither Finn nor I wanted him messing with our virtual farms. So Leo now has a "Happy Farm" and manages it exactly like you would expect a three-year-old to do. Everyone is happy.

De Train De Train!

Who loves trains? Every three year old boy I've ever met. Which makes me wonder why we had yet to take Leo to the Tilden Park Steam Trains. By 3.5 Finn had been a dozen times...

Anyway, Leo's buddy Miles invited us to ride the rails with him, and we couldn't say no. It was a beautiful almost Spring day with good company. The boys were thrilled. I think we'll be back.