alameda antique fair

Going to the Alameda Antique Fair is one of our new favorite family outings. We get up as early as I can manage to peel my eyelids open (7:30 a.m. this weekend) and stop in town for bagels. The Antique Fair opens at 6am, and we're quickly learning that the early bird gets the worm. This week I had my eye on some beautiful vintage industrial metal cabinets. But since I couldn't figure out where we'd put them, no deal. Here are a few things we did come home with:

and the piece de resistance:

We saw the vendor with these vintage bus roll signs a couple of months back, but didn't buy. This time, we just couldn't pass them up. The one we bought is about 6 feet long, and ready to hang. I love it because it has a lot of wear. Can't wait to find the perfect spot in our house to hang it.

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