As this is supposed to be a blog about the things I love in my own life, it seems time to start talking about my house. When my husband and I found our house, about 1.5 years ago, we weren't really looking to move. We were happily located in the heart of San Francisco, praying that the day our tiny flat felt too small for three people and two dogs wouldn't come too soon. But in preparation for that day, we were casually exploring neighborhoods in the East Bay.

We started a fun Sunday tradition of driving around during our son's naptime checking out the open houses that I had written down. We would roshambo for who got to go in and look first, and then swap baby-guarding duty. My husband would eventually spot some amazing house (not on my list) and insist he look at it. I generally passed on those, since there's nothing worse than falling in love with a beautiful house that is way out of your price range.

One Sunday, my husband did his beautiful-house-in-the-perfect-neighborhood spotting thing. This time I did want to check it out, since I had seen the listing before and thought it was close to being in our price range. In fact, the only reason that I hadn't put it on our list is that the house was a 1930's tudor revival, and way too "cute" for his taste. Anyhow, I won the roshambo and got to take the first peek. I fell in love at once, and quickly sent my husband in. He loved it too. A miracle.

We decided to put in a ridiculous low-ball offer, and the sellers accepted. And that is how our house found us. Fast forward through the next hellish month where we move all our our baby and dog paraphenalia out of our SF flat (while shacking up with my folks), stage it, list it, sell it, and move. On day 2 in our new home we asked ourseles why we had waited so long to make our exodus out of the city. We were home.

Lest you think that our dream house came to us in perfect shape, this entry is just a precurser to a series of posts on our home renovation. I've got a fix-it list about a hundred items long. A few major items have been completed already, so up next will be kitchen and bath renovation photos.

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