kitchen: favorite things

One of the things I love in our new kitchen is the layout. We now have enough low storage that I can dedicate an entire to my son's things. He can get his own dishes and utensils, as well as access his play food & stove.

We chose soapstone for our countertops for a few reasons. First, I love how it looks. It has a similar look to honed granite, but feels more traditional. We also liked that it was a little more unique than the granite you see in most remodels these days. Soapstone is great surface in a kitchen, impervious to stains and acids. It is less porous than granite, but it is softer. Which means it can scratch. But on the other hand, any scratches you get can be lightly sanded away. Over time, you get a surface with character. The one drawback is that the stone has to be oiled & buffed for asthetic reasons, almost every day for the first couple of weeks you have it. By the time it is a year or so old, it should be oiled about once a month. If you don't oil it, the stone starts to turn back from the rich grey/black to a light grey.

The farmhouse sink is another favorite in the new kitchen. My mom always swore by a double sink, and can't understand how I do dishes in it without a side for soapy water and a side for rinsing. But I really do love that I can fit huge roasting pans, big bowls, dogs, and babies in it.

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