I was really sad upon starting this post to find out that the maker of the Rolli-Rider is no longer making them. The Rolli-Rider is hands-down one of the greatest toys we've bought for the big guy so far. It is what is referred to as a balance bike, or running bike; a small wooden bike without pedals and a limited turning radius that allows toddlers to teach themselves how to ride a bike. Apparently very popular in Europe, we get lots of second looks and comments when the big guy rides it. We picked the Rolli-Rider up at a flea market when the big guy was exactly two-and-a-half. He hopped on it while at the flea market, and walked it all over the place. By the next day he was speed-walking. The next, running. Within 2 weeks, coasting. He can now, after 3 months, ride it down fairly big hills, and coast about 50 yards. He did this all by himself without me holding on to the bike, or coaching him at all. The idea is that when he's big enough to switch to a big-boy bike, he'll already have learned to balance and steer. Add in the pedaling (learned from riding his trike) and he'll never need training wheels.


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