i heart swimming lessons

We've had a rough time putting Finn in various classes. Or should I say, watching him take various classes. Soccer class typically consists of me shaking my head in horror as Finn runs around the field gleefully body checking the other kids and turning somersaults in their way as they try to complete their "drills". During gymnastics class it is almost guaranteed that if the rest of the kids are waiting in line for their turn on the trampoline, Finn is racing over to the foam pit to throw him little body in. He loves these classes. And that is the problem. He just gets so excited, he can't control his body anymore. Excitement comes out as kissing, hugging, pushing, hitting, wrestling, rolling, and maniacal laughing.

Fast forward to swim class. At 3 years old, Finn loves the water, but hates to put his face in it. I signed him up for a 5 day swim intensive hoping to break through that fear in time for a summer of swimming fun. At the pool Finn eagerly walked over to his assigned station, and the teacher put him and one other child on a 3x4 railed-in platform in the middle of 4 foot deep water. Trapped. There was nowhere for him to go. No way to escape, and nothing to do but jump and splash in his confimenemt, which was exactly what the instructor asked him to do.

I was a little nervous that days 2-5 wouldn't go quite as well as day 1. That's our usual pattern in lesson taking. But they were. Trapped on that little island, Finn is learning how to take a lesson. And so we'll keep going back, at least until he can swim himself off that little island.

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