Finn is getting pretty excited about the arrival of his new sibling. We've talked all about the birth, and have watched a few not-so-graphic birth videos. (It's amazing what you can find on youtube these days!) The other day, out of the blue, we have a conversation that goes like this:

Finn: Mama, I want to push the baby out.

Me: Oh? (Saying "Oh?" as a question when you don't know what else to say is a trick I learned from my husband's grandmother. Guaranteed the person will elaborate on their previous statement while you think of something to add to the conversation.)

Finn: Yes. When its time for the baby to pop out, I want to be there to help you push him out.

Me: OK. Sure. How do you think that is going to work exactly?

Finn: Well, I'll just stand behind you and push on your bum and say "PUUUUUUUUSH!"

Me: Wow. That sounds great. Thank you for wanting to be so helpful.

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