Finn got a pair of slippers for Christmas this year. They are Christmas slippers. Specifically, red and white snowmen slippers with scarves around their necks/ Finn's ankles. Pretty stinking cute. But after wearing them for all of 30 seconds, Finn decided he didn't like the slippers and refused to wear them. Ever.

Fast forward to April when he rediscovers the slippers in his closet and tries them on. He tells his daddy that he would like to wear the slippers, but there is something scratchy inside. Three minutes later, with the tags removed, Finn is running around in his snowman slippers and insisting that he wear them to bed. All of a sudden THE SLIPPERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. He won't go to bed unless they are lined up next to him on the floor, ready to put on in the morning. Never mind that is is clearly spring outside. No snowmen here! Time for flip-flops and shorts and bare feet. Ad yet, sometimes when I check on him before I go off to bed, he's got them back on his sweaty little feet, sticking out from under the covers.

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