best friends

We hang out with a lot of kids. A few of them on a pretty regular basis. And Finn knows all of them by name, talks about them when they're not around, and looks forward to our playdates. But more often than not, when we actually get together Finn ends up hanging out with kids he doesn't know. He seems to be motivated by the activity rather than the company. If a stranger is doing something more interesting than a friend, off he goes. This is not the case with Jasper. Jasper is his best friend. They stick together like glue, and are even starting to negotiate activities when one of them wants to do something different than the other. When we don't see Jasper often enough "Pretend Jasper" takes up residence at our house. Lucky for us "Pretend Jasper" is a pretty agreeable guy. He can also drive a car, so picking him up is never a problem.

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