lessons in happiness: do the hard thing

Well, its been a week since I took a no TV stance with our kids. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results. Little Leo, at 20 months, is like a whole new kid. It took him a few days to stop asking for "ToomiZoomi" and "Yabba" (Team Umizoomi and Yo Gabba Gabba in case you were wondering). I told him that the TV was broken, and he pretty much left it alone. He will now go and draw, or play with his blocks, or feed his doll while I clean up in the kitchen instead of wailing nonstop. Of course he still wants me to play with him, but there is a new calm about him that wasn't there before.

Finn, on the other hand, seems about the same with or without TV. We've decided to allow him to earn the privilege of watching a show with safe/respectful/kind behavior toward his brother and parents. So far, that is working really well for everyone. Once he earns 10 "stars" on his behavior chart he can redeem them for a half-hour show to be watched whenever Leo is next asleep. It is also turning into some extra snuggle time for he and I, which is hard to come by with baby brother around.

LESSON: Sometimes, you just have to do that hard thing to get the desired result.

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