vacation living: unplugged

Wet Feet

The fallout from our trip to Mexico has been pretty intense. Leo (20 months) has been crying and throwing more tantrums than usual. Finn (5 years) bit a kid at gymnastics and hit a kid at school. Not cool. Time for mommy to come up with a plan.

I've been reading the book Simplicity Parenting and giving some thought as to how the ideas might apply to our family. One of the big messages is that children need simple, orderly, calm days (punctuated by occasional special activities). I'm starting to wonder if there has just been too much going on in Finn's life. He gets so excited to see his grandparents, but perhaps 5 days of nonstop activity with Grammie and Pop Pop was just too much. So in an attempt to balance the scales, we are turning off the TV for a week. We are staying home and playing, cooking, and reading together. We are taking a vacation from stimulation. Day 1 is going pretty well so far. Wish us luck.

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