a simple wardrobe: winter wrap up

The warm weather is officially here, and though temperatures in the Bay Area will keep me bundled up in the mornings for a while, it is time to pack away my winter wardrobe. This is the first season that I have attempted to implement a uniform approach to dressing, and I must say it worked out tremendously for me. As a stay-at-home-mom my needs for clothing are very basic. I like to look stylish, but need to wear clothes that can survive 2 messy boys and 2 hairy dogs.

slouchy sweater + tank + scarf + skinnies + flat boots = my winter uniform

The reality of my overstuffed closet is this. I really wore only the following items for the last 6ish months:

- 2 pairs of dark skinny jeans
- 6 cotton ribbed tanks in grey or black
- 11 sweaters
- 6 scarves
- 1 grey wool coat
- 1 pair black flat boots
- 1 pair red flats
- 1 pair black flats

For special occasions I wore:

- 1 black pencil skirt
- 1 black lace short sleeved blouse
- 1 black long sleeved chiffon blouse
- 1 black blazer
- 1 pair black heels


- black M by MJ clutch
- Gucci sunnies
- wishbone necklace
- Tiffany keys necklace
- pave star earrings
- diamond studs

I think its time to purge my closet again. Looking at this list is helping me realize just how much stuff I can get rid of, and making me look forward to coming up with my spring uniform.

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