good from bad

Lately, little Leo has been obsessed with dumping things on the ground. Cheerios are good. But water/milk/juice/daddy's beer is even better. Fortunately we have dogs that make the clean-up of the food items a lot easier. They love Leo, if only for the reason that they get lots of treats when he is around.

But after I while, I was getting frustrated with the constant wiping up of puddles. After each spill I would enlist Leo's help in cleaning it up. But he seemed to love that part just as much as the pouring itself. So there was no curbing his enthusiasm with manual labor.

Finally I smacked myself on the head for not thinking of it sooner, and supplied the little man with a giant bowl of water and a bunch of little cups and bowls. Outside. And he has been asking to do some "pouring" every day for the last couple of weeks. I can see him from the kitchen window as I clean. He is happy. I am happy. Nobody has to clean it up. Hooray for pouring. Outside.

Is there any water left?

What I really need is more rocks.

Beatrice, that water looks refreshing!

I think I better give it a try.

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