lessons is happiness: join a group

When our family first moved to Alameda, we knew nobody. We had many friends within a 10 mile radius, but none in the city itself. Since we moved to Alameda for its sense of community (they call it the Mayberry of the bay area) I was determined to get out there and meet some people. An introvert by nature, I'm not the best at developing new friendships on my own. So I sought out the local mom's group and joined. I threw myself into it, meeting tons of new moms and kids while simultaneously getting to know our new city and surrounding area. I even signed on to be the new member coordinator for a while.
That was five years ago. I no longer participate in the group, but am still reaping the dividends from it. I have a handful of friends whom I really enjoy that I met thanks to the mom's group. We get together when we can. And wherever I go in Alameda it is almost guaranteed that I run into somebody I know. It always makes me happy to chat with another mom for a few minutes in the grocery store, or at the park. A guaranteed mood lifter.

LESSON: Join a Group

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