lessons is happiness: let it go

Earlier this week, dear friends of ours had their first child. A baby girl, she came two weeks early by way of c-section. Happy and healthy, mom and baby are doing great. At least, as well as they can be doing considering the ordeal they have just been through.

When pregnant with our first child I knew that I wanted a home birth. I've always disliked hospitals and doctors, and have a bit of an anti-establishment streak in me. Fortunately my husband got on board quickly. He even became a bit of a home birth advocate himself. Fast forward to my loooooong labor which despite countless hours of squats and lunges down our hallway refused to progress past 7cm. I ended up in the hospital and had Finn there.

When pregnant with our second child I signed right back up for a home birth, determined that this time things would go my way. Once again, the universe had a different plan for me. My water broke five weeks early. Leo was breech. Our sweet midwife gave me a hug and told me we had to go to the hospital for a c-section.

Sometimes I feel like these two defining moments in my role as a mother were tailor made to help me learn to let it go. Because really, 5 and 2 years later, does it matter how those boys entered the world? Actually yes, it does. They were birthed in the safest, best way we had available in the moment. What doesn't matter, in hindsight, is whether or not they came into this world according to my predetermined plan.

LESSON: Forget the plan. Let it go.

While I'm thinking about it, here are just a few things that helped my when recovering from my c-section.

1) Some kind of compression garment.  There are all sorts of fancy ones now, but I just used a less expensive medical version. Some people even get them from the hospital. I started wearing mine about one week postpartum. It helped me feel stronger, and like my incision was safe from my wild 3.5 year old. It also really helped with that feeling that my insides were sloshing around when I went from laying down to standing.

2) Silicon strips for the scar. These kept my incision from feeling itchy as it healed.

3) Some undies that don't have a waistband.

4) A My Breast Friend. Made nursing easier, and kept baby up off my incision

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