the angry birds party

About six weeks ago Finn told me that he wanted to have an Angry Birds party. Knowing that he loves to plan in advance I wasn't shocked, even though his birthday is still 5 months away. We talked about his ideas, and the guest list (believe me, it was grand). And then I sussed out that he wanted to have the party now. Like tomorrow.

One of the lessons I've learned to being a happier mom, is to say "yes" as often as possible to my kids. So I took this as an opportunity to discuss with Finn how much it costs to throw a party. We made lists of the things he wanted to have, and how much each thing cost. We discussed how much money he was willing to spend from his allowance on the party, and how much his dad and I were willing to contribute to this non-birthday-just-for-fun-party. We then discussed ways to make the party cost less such as inviting fewer guests, and making things himself.

So Finn planned this Angry Birds party for two guests, his brother, and himself. He purchased 4 Angry Birds Cups, some balloons, and 2 Angry Birds balls. His dad and I sprung for the slingshot materials, and the pizza. We posted a freecycle ad for cardboard boxes, and Finn made the invitations, "cupcake" toppers, and drew the pig faces himself. It was grand.


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