the best books for toddlers

*this is not a good book for toddlers. just a funny photo.

We have a lot of books. On most days our shelves are overflowing with them. My mom was a first grade teacher, and kindly saved her vast collection of picture books for my future kids when she retired.

One thing I have realized is that my boys enjoy their books more when they have only a few available at a time. And that I am happier when the books they do have are high quality. As I go through their books, donating the ones that are neither high quality or greatly loved and packing away a large portion to circulate back in later, I made note of the books my boys go back to time after time. And one dear book has been the obvious favorite.

Both of my kids LOVE(D) books that they can interact with, as well as books that mama has to sing. Put those things together and what do you get? The best book for toddlers, ever: The Wheels on the Bus by Paul O. Zelinsky.

My one year old is currently loving this hand-me-down that has stood up fairly well to the abuse of two kids. The wheels spin, the wipers swish, and the people step out-and-in, out-and-in. It is done so well that my five year old still loves to manipulate the pages on his own.

These books are distant seconds, but are also loved for their manipulative ability.

- Where's Spot
- Dear Zoo
- Go Away Big Green Monster

And of course the little one loves this book since it has his name is on it.

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