lessons in happiness: say yes to your kids!

Sometimes I get so busy, or tired, or so caught up in my own mind that the kids ask me to do something and I automatically say "no". Without really even considering the question. At the time it seems like saying no will make my life easier. Whatever the request is will surely take too much effort or time, or make too much of a mess. But in reality it doesn't. In fact, it usually takes me less than five minutes to help them get what they want. And then they are happy, and I can go on with whatever I need to do. Or perhaps, I can even sit down and enjoy their idea with them.

This time Finn's idea was to set up a snack like he had seen in an episode of Blue's Clues some random time, months ago. While I set it up according to his very specific instructions he gave me a fairly accurate lesson in nutrition. We didn't have the exact supplies or ingredients suggested by Blue, so I made some suggestions and we improvised.

This is by no means a snack-time-tutorial, but in case you're wondering... its bananas dipped in vanilla yogurt dipped in crushed animal crackers. It was pretty good. And Finn was thrilled to have his idea honored, which made me happy to have helped him do it.

There are so many times that we must say no to our kids, it feels really good to say yes.

LESSON: Say yes to your kids!

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