the oakland zoo

We are members at the Oakland Zoo. Which means we go there a lot. And sometimes we don't even see any animals. My boys are just as fond of the train and merry-go-round as they are of the giraffes and elephants. 

A membership at the zoo is about $90 for a family. Considering that gets you a parking pass as well, its the best deal in town. What makes me happy about the zoo is that I can let the boys run free a little without worrying about them going missing. Its beautifully landscaped, clean, and there's always something interesting going on. To me, its a perfect morning out.

Finn is really into the insect house these days. I have to say, leaf cutter ants are pretty cool. But I could do without the giant cockroaches and black widow spiders. Leo loves petting the goats. I wish I could say the goats enjoyed the experience as much as he does.

The best way to enjoy the zoo is to get there early. Pack a lunch because the service at the restaurant is much slower than you would hope. Hit up the rides first so you don't have to listen to your little ones ask when it will be time to go on the train all day. When its time to eat, find a shady spot in front of an exhibit, and watch the animals watch you eat. And don't miss the fruit bats!

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