best toddler toy. ever.

It occurred to me, after declaring the best toddler book of all time, that we have one toy in our house that has been the hands down favorite at the 9 month to 2 year age. It is this one. Both of my boys have loved stacking the blocks, sorting them by color, learning their names, putting them in the box, and dumping them out. Over and over.

Ours has gotten pretty worn, and I was sad to find that this version is no longer being made. This is a toy I would keep on hand forever for little ones who come to visit. As it stands, with little Leo a fast-moving two, I imagine this toy will have to be shelved quite soon.

I will never forget the day that Finn came home from his Montessori preschool and informed me that the shape I had called a clover was actually a quatrefoil. Who knew?

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