fourth of july

Happy Fourth of July! (just a few days late) We were in Sandpoint, ID all of last week. It was an amazing trip to visit my in-laws on Lake Pend Orille. Between Derick and I we took over 700 photos, which means there are a lot of photos to sort. I thought I'd better get these up before too much time had passed. 

Sandpoint has a very old-timey, small town parade full of logging trucks, old cars, dance troupes, antique tractors, and animals. My favorite this year was the sheep herding dog with his flock of sheep. Pretty impressive stuff!

Pretty much anyone can be in the parade. Finn and his Grandma Sweetmeat rode with the Vegetarian Club. Although our family eats a bit of meat, Finn woud be thrilled to be a vegetarian. Or a fruitetarian!

Did you know you could make a delicious all-natural, vegan root beer float? You can with Hansen's root beer and Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Now if only I could figure out how to get all-natural cotton candy...

Leo screamed "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" for the mini fireworks show Derick put on for him. Too bad he wasn't able to stay up for the real thing. It doesn't really get dark enough in Sandpoint for fireworks until 10:15 or so. This was the first year Finn made it.

The paper lanters were my favorite thing this year. Sitting on the dock watching a rainbow of colors drifting off in the sky. It really took three people working together to launch one lantern. I'm dreaming of a wedding or party with enough guests that we could launch a dozen at the same time...

I think this may have been the best Fourth of July ever. Next year, more lanterns!!!

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