It is summer again in the East Bay. Time to get out of the house and have an adventure or two. Going to the playground is becoming a bit dull, but lucky for us we have some lovely waterfront to explore! The boys and I have been doing a bit of geocaching, and yesterday was Finn's first unassisted find.

We were at Crab Cove, a lovely spot that we don't get to very often. So the boys were excited just to watch the ducks and squirrels, climb rocks and trees, and have a race or two.

Finn won all the races. I'm a pretty soft competitor when trying to run in flip flops while taking photos. And Leo just doesn't seem to be that interested in the win. Nevertheless we all celebrated with a victory dance. Finn is developing some pretty great moves. I wish these shots had been better exposed and cropped. But I was winded...

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