sandpoint, part 2

Don't worry. I'm not actually driving the boat. You see, the funny thing about Grandad's boat is that it is notoriously difficult to drive. More specifically, to park. So I'm merely keeping to boat from spinning in circles while we drift down the river so that Derick can snap a few photos with my his camera. But don't I make it look fun?

Derick really is driving the boat. With aplomb. He didn't crash it into anything this year. Not even one thing. Which is a major improvement from last year's boat-spinning-dock-crashing debacle.

Still pretending.

Sandpoint gets some awesome summer lightning storms. While we didn't get any storms worth talking about this year, there were a couple of days we had to spend indoors. Finn and Grandma Sweetmeat did a lot of yoga and chanting. Hearing a five-year-old chant has got to be one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. We built and crashed a lot of dominos, and snuck in some snuggle time. And there may have been some serious wrestling action.

Since I'm generally the one behind the camera, I've noticed that there aren't very many photos of me around. Derick promised to take some of me, and he did. One of my goals on this blog is to get better at getting in front of the lens, so that I'll be a part of the record of this time. My step-mom-in-law told me that if I didn't like the way I looked in my photos now, just wait ten years and I would love them! Fortunately Derick is a skilled photographer, so I can love them now too. 

I so wish there was one of these fountains in our town. I'm sure the city planners would argue that it never gets hot enough in the bay area for kids to use one. But those city planners aren't remembering what it is like to be a kid. They don't care that its chilly out, or that the water is freezing cold. Running through fountains is FUN! I wasn't sure how much Leo would like the fountain this year. Finn didn't care for it at 2.5 years. But he loved it. The water sprayed him right in the face so many times, but he would just stop to catch his breath and keep going. 

Evening in Sandpoint is just spectacular. After the sun sets around 8, the sky slowly turns a million shades of pink, orange, and cobalt blue. It changes constantly until around midnight when the sky is finally black.

Good-bye Sandpoint. Until next year!

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