sandpoint, part 1

Sandpoint is a magical place for our family. My fabulous in-laws live there, right on Lake Pend Orielle. Our time there is spent mostly outside, either on the water or eating on the deck looking at the water. It is such a wonderful change of pace for us. We slow down, and watch the squirrels and nesting birds. We listen to stories about bats and baby moose, and hope one will come ambling through the yard. It is family time, and I am the luckiest girl to have such a great one.

This year little Leo turned two on the day we arrived. We celebrated him with a tiny cheesecake, and kicked off our vacation right.

He has learned to cross his arms when he is angry. I caught him before he was able to find a corner to pout in, and tricked him into smiling while I took his photo.

This was the first year Finn really appreciated being here. He flew up on his own, five days before we arrived, and got to have some time alone with his grandparents. When we got there he wanted to go out on the boat. Then he wanted to dig for worms and go fishing. It makes me so happy to see him outside, enjoying the beauty and simplicity of nature. Next year he and his daddy are building a tree fort. Finn has already drawn up the plans.

Grandma Sweetmeat is the real angler in the family. She promised to cook up anything we caught, but sadly the only fish Derick reeled in was to small to keep. There was, however, a giant trout that got away...

After little Leo almost hooked me for the third time, I got smart and replaced the hook with a bobber. 

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Mariah Jones said...

I love how you capture every moment. It's so artistic. I remember when my kids also enjoyed our visit to the Fishing Charters Vanuatu. They have the same smile like your kid do.