to the city

This weekend Derick and I headed into the city with Finn. He had a birthday party to attend, and I was excited to see the progress on the bridge. Its been over a month since I've driven into the city, and things are really coming along. 

It is amazing that after living in the city for ten years, it only took a little time in Alameda to forget that you should always bring a sweater! Days like this, when it is sunny everywhere except for a blanket of fog nestled snugly over the western half of San Francisco, I am extra grateful for our east bay weather.

Finn had a great time seeing some old friends, but I think we had an even better time catching up with their parents. Heather of Poppy Haus and I showed up in matching outfits; not the first time this has happened. She has just moved her gorgeous family to the country, and seeing her in person is
a rare chance to swap tales of our wild boys. She is a talented lady, and curates a beautiful blog, so check it out.

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