a mini milestone

It seems like the question first came up the week Finn's buddy Jasper turned five. "When am I going to lose my first tooth?" Jasper had lost his first tooth on his birthday, and Finn thought his would follow suit. But no. Finn's teeth are fighters. They are hanging in there, even when their owner has asked them to please throw in the towel. But finally, almost nine months past his fifth birthday, the first little tooth wiggled itself free. So we celebrated with mini golf.

Finn wrote a note to the tooth fairy, asking that he (Finn's tooth fairy is a boy) please leave Finn's tooth so that he could save it. The tooth fairy obliged. 

As our boys grow I love hearing about the traditions my husband and his parents had when they were children. And I get to add in mine in order to come up with the new traditions for our family. My tooth fairy always left my teeth for me to keep. I have the feeling she just couldn't manage to find them hiding under my pillow. But I liked to think that she knew I would want to keep those little teeth that I was so proud of losing. I know Finn is thrilled to have his. And he's hoping that a mini-golf celebration will be a new family tradition as well.

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