cherry bomb {as seen on}

So the other day I saw this post over at a bit of sunshine and decided that dipping cherries in chocolate  was the perfect activity for Finn and I to do on one of our date nights. It inspired me to starts a series of {as seen on} posts. Other people's ideas that we try out, with the addition of any problems we encountered or changes we made. So for the original post head on over to a bit of sunshine.

That being said, my gosh was it hard to melt chocolate in a double boiler! I don't know if it was my set up, my chocolate, or what. But we ended up with a half-melted lump of chocolate. Finn tried to convince me it was fine, so I let him stir a cherry around in the mess. After that he agreed we had a problem. My solution was to add a spoonful of coconut oil to the chocolate. Low and behold, it worked. Smooth, creamy chocolate ready for dipping!

The original post showed the cherries dipped in sprinkles after being dipped in chocolate. Although cute, Finn can't have artificial colors and I didn't think my small stash of naturally colored sprinkles was going to wow us here. But there were no complaints about the plain chocolate cherries. Not a one.

 Derick walked in on our good times, and decided to join in the fun. I like it when he helps make sweets because unlike my other helpers, he doesn't sample the goods. More for me ;) And in another attempt to embrace the camera, I let Finn snap a few photos of us. He did a pretty good job, I think. Almost as good a job as he did of getting chocolate all over his face ;)

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