family portraits

Wow. After going through over 500 photos, I've managed to round up some of my favorites. Its funny to see that half of these shots were photos taken in "in between" moments. Poses that weren't really posed. I'm also shaking my head at the fact that even with a jellybean bribe, the photo below was the happiest face Finn could manage to make while sitting that close to his brother. I'm hoping we will look back at this photo in a few years and say "Remember when you thought your brother was such a pest? And now he's your best friend!" Here's hoping...

 I just can't say enough about how thrilled I am with the results of these photos. Like I mentioned in my how-to post, our friend Nick shot these for us. I don't hink he's ever shot family portraits before, but he did an awesome job. I was hoping to get one or two decent photo out of this session, and I ended up with 50 or so that I love. Hey Nick, can we make this an annual tradition?

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