first day of kindergarten

Today is Finn's first day of kindergarten. This morning as I dropped him off I expected to feel a little bit sad as my big guy officially started school. But I didn't. I didn't have time to feel anything at all. As usual we were running late. Leo didn't want to get dressed, and Finn's self-made lunch was a little stickier than expected. We snapped a few hurried photos on the way out the door, and instead of really taking in Finn's expressions as he walked into his classroom, I was wrangling his baby brother back into the stroller. Such is the lot of the older brother I suppose. 

But around 11am I got a phone call from Finn's teacher. The very first thing she said was "Don't worry, there's no emergency." Which I very much appreciated. It seemed that Finn's shoes were too small. He'd been taking them on and off all morning, trying to get comfortable. And the truth is, he hasn't worn them since the end of last school year. I just assumed they would still fit since they still look brand new. But now that I look at these photos I can see that his pants are too short too. He went and grew while I was busy taking care of things.

And so I'll take a moment now and marvel at the big kid he has become. So sure of himself and confident in new situations. He knows what he likes, and isn't afraid to ask questions when he is interested in something. His favorite color is hot pink (as evidenced by all the school supplies he was allowed to choose on his own) no matter how many other kids try to tell him that pink is a girl color. He can read like nobody's business, and keeps telling me how excited he is to do a science fair project. I can't wait to see what kinds of adventures his kindergarten year has in store.

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