happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was a good one. I never know from one year to the next whether I will want to throw a big party, have dinner with friends, get out of town, or hide from the world. Well this year was a bit of the latter. I have been pretty tired from keeping up with my boys all summer, and after planning Leo's birthday I just didn't have it in me. I requested a picnic in the park, and that is what I got.

Earlier in the day my sweet friend Deirdre swung by with some beautiful flowers and treats. She is so thoughtful! I loved the little sprig of lavender tied to the package. It was small, but so fragrant. I will have to remember that for my own packages in the future.

Before heading to the estuary for a stroll, Leo and I made a quick trip to Home Depot where he picked out this lovely pot of succulents. Then we grabbed some flooring samples for our never ending family room remodel. (The planning stage has lasted five years.)

Derick came home early with dinner from a new restaurant and gluten free cupcakes(!), and we walked with the boys down to the park. They were thrilled to be picnicing, and we were lucky enough to have good weather. After eating there may have been some tickle fights, dodgeball, and general shenanigans. A pretty perfect birthday if you ask me. I am a lucky girl.

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