knee deep

This is my kitchen today. I am knee deep in flowers for my friend Katie's wedding. It has been three years since I've last worked with flowers, and my body is aching from the physical strain. But I am loving it. Floral design is very zen. Once you figure out your formula for a centerpiece or bouquet, you work methodically for hours in an assembly line. My brain can rest, listening to hour after hour of This American Life. And I can just work. I can't think of anything less like parenting. And so, I am enjoying the respite.

Finding the time to do this wedding has taken a careful orchestration of two sets of grandparents in synchronized drop-offs and pick-ups. I couldn't do it without them, and reminded once again how lucky I am to have family that supports me so fully.

Hopefully I'll have some photos of the finished product after the wedding this weekend. Woo hoo!

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