lessons in happiness: you just can't fake it

These days it seems like I use up all my "fun mommy" energy during the week, and when the weekend rolls around I am exhausted; leaving Derick in charge of planning our weekends. But last weekend I decided to plan a little adventure for all of us to Joaquin Miller Park, a beautiful forested area in the Oakland Hills with a very cool playground and picnic area. We would play a little, hike a (very) little and have a picnic lunch. But what I didn't plan for was the fact that Finn had spent the night at his grandparents house and woken up somewhere between 4 and 5am for the day. He was a complete grump.

I would like to think that one grump in the family wouldn't effect things too much. But the grumpiness was contagious. We cut our outing short and returned home. The most frustrating thing for me was the lasting effect that little trip had on my disposition. All my boys returned to normal after a good night of sleep, but I just couldn't shake it. I thought I was doing a decent job of faking a pleasant disposition, but apparently not. Derick and I had a wedding to attend on Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't until I had a chance to vent my frustrations over a hearty lunch that I felt better. We went on to have a great time, and I was able to return to the boys in a much better state of mind.

Now that I am looking at the photos I can see that we did have a bit of fun. The light was amazing. The boys found things to climb and jump off of, and sticks to collect. We'll go back another day and have a much better time, I'm sure. And if not, I'll try to vent those frustrations sooner, rather than drag them around with me for days.

Learning all the time, today's lesson in happiness is to vent your frustrations to someone who cares. Because you just can't fake it!

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