park street

Since moving to Alameda almost five years ago, I've done an abysmal job of exploring our local shopping district. I'm a regular at the toy store, the children's consignment store, and the ice cream shop. But there are dozens of other interesting store fronts that I always walk quickly by with my two baby bulls. One of my goals this year is to take myself on a few dates to explore all the little shops I have passed by so many times.

Last night I had dinner with my lovely friend Deirdre. She and I try to get together once a week for wine or tea or dinner. We decompress and share silly stories. Last night was one of our rare warm evenings, so we met for dinner al fresco and a stroll down Park Street.

Deirdre is one of those people who knows everybody. And she is a regular on Park Street. So she showed me a couple of her favorite haunts, and introduced me to some local characters. Just enough to whet my appetite for more...

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