photo challenge: green

As the craziest member of our family, I think Beatrice deserves a litte mention today. We named her Beatrice afte the older sister in Beverly Cleary's Ramona books. Just like in the books, we call her "Beezus", or most often, "Beezey". She loves to play fetch, licks everyone she meets, has questionable potty habits, obsessively cleans Hugo's (our other dog) ears every night, and has more love in her heart than most people I know. She's 6.5 years old, and is starting to gray around the muzzle. Yet she still acts like a puppy and I'm pretty sure she will well into her golden years. This is a photo of her waiting for Leo to please, please, please throw the ball.

Linking up with Paper Mama's photo challenge today. This week's theme is "green".

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