pure sunshine

I don't know if I have ever met a child happier than this one here. He is pure sunshine (sprinkled with a few two-year-old tantrums) from the moment he wakes up. Leo loves life like nobody's business and isn't afraid to share his joy with you too, you grumpy Gus.

 Right now Leo is really into forward rolls, trains, basketball, playing with the dogs, pretend food, and mowing the lawn. He talks with very distinct intonations, adding a lot of high-pitched up-speak into his dialogue. He loves dancing, and could name "Call Me Maybe" in five notes. He loves to sing twinkle-twinkle as loud as he can, for anyone who will listen. He likes to ask questions that he already knows the answers to, hoping that you will ask him and he can answer. His great grandma thinks that means he will be a lawyer some day.

He has a few words that make me giggle every time he says them, and there is no way I will be the one to correct him. 1) Names that end in "s" are pronounced without it. Miles and James are "Mile and Jame". 2) That is yours, and this is "mines". 3) Chicken is "peep peep" whether we are eating it for dinner or playing with a stuffed animal. 4) His blanket is "bee" (or Stinky Bee if you ask Finn).

As we prepare for Finn to head off to Kindergarten I am feeling pretty lucky to still have this little guy at home with me for a while longer. He is a constant reminder that we should always be having fun, even if we're just hanging out at home.

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