cookie monster

There's a wonderful bakery in our town that makes the best breads, ham and cheese croissants, cakes, and cookies. Given my affinity for these treats I've come to refer to them as "Baked Bads" instead of baked goods. And since eliminating gluten from my diet I thought my relationship with the bakery was over. But of course my boys remember the tasty treats we used to get after grocery shopping, and plead for me to stop by.

This time I did stop to get a little something for Leo. You can imagine how happy I was to see a  "Gluten Free!" sign next to the tray of macarons. I had no idea these little treats were naturally gluten free. Joy of joys! Leo tried orange cream, and I tried coffee. I'm pretty sure that little smooch he gave me was an attempt to get a cookie crumb off my lip. 

I work really hard to maintain my health, and that of my family. Sometimes I get a little sad about the restrictions we have on our diets. It makes me so happy when I find a new little way to treat myself. And happy to remain a patron of this great local shop.

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