getting what you need

It occurred to me today that often times we don't know what we need, just that something is needed. And often times that something rises up of its own accord, without us knowing that it is just the thing we need until it has happened. And all that to say that Finn started soccer this weekend. And it is a wonderful thing.

First, I have to mention that Finn did not want to play soccer. He told us it was booooooring. And when we went to pick out his gear the shin guards were too big, the shoes too tight, the balls not the right color, etc. That is, until we found a magical pair of hot pink cleats. For some reason these cleats fit just right, were comfortable even, and made Finn run extra fast. Never mind that the same cleats without the hot pink accents were the most uncomfortable shoes he had ever worn. Ever, ever. The boy loves hot pink. What can I say?

So, all decked out in his Team Ireland(!) gear, he ran the whole way to the park. Derick had signed on as assistant coach and ran the boys through some drills. 

(I'm sure you will forgive me the quality of these photos. What's a girl to do when all the action is going down right in the high noon sun?)

I don't know who this experience will be better for, Finn or Derick. Derick is practicing patience, and does a great job with the wild pack of 5 year olds. Finn is learning good sportsmanship, how to be a part of a team, empathy, how to listen to a coach, how to be win and lose graciously, and how to stick it out when he gets discouraged. Just the things I was trying to figure out how to help him learn at home.

Little Leo has a hard time watching from the sidelines. He wants to play so bad!

After Finn's first goal he left the action to come and give me a high-five. He is hooked, and was all smiles on the way home talking about how much fun soccer is and how good he is at stealing the ball from the other team. That's my boy. Go Ireland!

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