in the thick of it {a remodel}

 This is what my living room looks like right now. Pretty awesome, right? We are in week two of a remodel project in our family room, and I am getting a little tired of life without an actual living area. Although the boys do love vaulting over those leather sofas, there isn't room to do much else in our house right now. I am typing this from bed, where I can watch the TV I begged Derick to set up after five days without.

We've been in our house for five years now, and have intended to remodel this room since before we moved in. This is the room we spend 80% of our time in. It gets lovely light and opens to the backyard. There have been small upgrades throughout the years - a new sliding door, and the removal of an ugly clutter collection station bar.

We're finally moving forward with the rest of our plan which includes new flooring, the removal of any and all Keebler Elf stoves, a new beginning for the mess of a wall above, new lighting and storage for games, toys and art supplies. Hooray!

I also thought I wanted to paint this room gray. After trying out a handful of shades I decided that it would make the room too sad. So a fresh coat of Linen White, and some bright white trim are in order.

So in between sourcing flooring and choosing paint colors, I've been trying to keep the boys away from the dust and fumes as much as possible. Which doesn't leave much time for blogging. Or cleaning the kitchen. Fingers crossed that everything will be finished one week from now. I'll be back with some during and after photos. Looking at these makes my eyes hurt...

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