melt me a rainbow {as seen on}

I must have seen this project a dozen times around the interwebs, but it wasn't until I saw it over at Under the Sycamore that I decided it was for us. Ashley Ann has a way of making every project look so fun and easy.

I bought a fresh pack of 64 crayons while we were back-to-school supply shopping, then let Finn pick out the rainbow colors. I thought I had a canvas to do this on, but was mistaken so we used a random scrap of maple that we had laying around. I have to say I like how this looks even more than the white canvas versions. We glued the crayons down with Elmer's glue and took turns with the hair dryer.

One unexpected fun thing was that Finn really got into taking photos while I held the hair dryer. He took over 300 photos and was quite pleased that they would be featured here. He shows real interest on and off in photography, and seems to have a pretty good eye already for framing his shots. I'll be pleased if his interest continues.

This was an exceptionally easy project, and really rewarding. The finished piece is nice enough to hang in Finn's room. I'm so glad we finally gave it a shot.

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