remodel update

A little update on our family room remodel... The floor is in! Finn has been so excited about the work being done that he races home from school every day to see what the guys are up to. On this day he got lucky because Ben was in the middle of putting in the click floor. So Finn got a little demo and actually snapped in a few boards. He's planning on tacking a few of the scraps for show-and-tell to teach the other kids about tongue-and-groove.

 I think Leo and I are most excited about the cabinets. Leo likes to open and close the doors. I have wild fantasies about how much stuff can now be hidden in them. All of our art supplies, toys, board games, books, and electronic mess will be going in there. Hooray for cabinets!

The boys have been so excited to have a bit of open space to run around and slide and wriggle in. It has made us realize that we had way too much furniture and stuff in the room before. We are now getting to the point of putting things back in, and trying to be very selective. The room is begging for new furniture, but with Leo's penchant for drawing on walls and furniture we've agreed to hold on to what we've got for a while.

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