adventures in gluten free baking

I don't know about you, but Fall weather makes me want to bake. In our family Derick is the cook, and I am the baker. I find it soothing to follow directions and have things turn out as expected. But now that I eat gluten and dairy free I'm finding baking to be a bit more of a challenge. Add that to the fact that I just haven't had much time for baking in the past few years and I feel like everything I make has the potential to be a recipe for disaster.

A few weeks ago I had a craving for something pumpkiny, but I was short on time and the usual symphony of alternative flours that it takes to make a decent gluten free treat. I always freeze the end pieces of my Udi's gluten free bread, and realized that I had enough to attempt a bread pudding. With pumpkin. Leo was game to help.

Something I read a few months ago is to always crack your eggs on a flat surface, not on a counter or bowl edge. By cracking it on a flat surface you preserve the egg membrane which prevents eggshell from ending up in your food. So far this has really helped with the boys' egg-cracking attempts (and let's be honest, mine too).

The pumpkin bread pudding turned out almost good. I need to tweak the ratio of bread to liquid, and give the gluten free bread more time to soak it up. And the pumpkin was a little bland. So there's no recipe here today. But my boys didn't seem to mind. And it was kind of perfect for breakfast. Guess I'll just have to try that one again.

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