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Loving - Yoga. In the past I've steered clear of yoga. I've always been a ballet and pilates kind of girl. But after Leo was born Derick started to take a yoga class and convinced me to take it with him. I have been hooked ever since. The days that I make it to yoga class I feel like an entirely different person. I wish I could do it every day. Never mind that I am the least flexible person in my class of mostly senior citizens. I can see the progress I have made, and know that if I could go twice a week instead of just once it would make a big difference. So that is my goal.

Reading - A big stack of parenting books. I find in my parenting that I am always playing catch-up with the boys. They grow up and reach a new stage that I don't have the parenting skills for. Things get crazy while I read and learn and change my ways. This time around I'm getting the most out of Your Six Year Old, and Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood. I already feel a bit more prepared.

Watching - NFL football. And lots of it. Since when is football on three nights a week all season long? Regardless, we play fantasy football in this house. It makes the deluge of football more enjoyable for me. I watch when I can and try to sneak a nap on the sofa like I did as a kid watching football with my dad.

Thinking about - This blog. Today marks my 100th post and I decided to celebrate with a little makeover. So forgive me while I work out all the kinks. Having this space to record and marvel at my everyday life has been such a treat. I hope to continue here for a long time.

Anticipating - Vacation! We are headed to Hawaii next week for a much anticipated family vacation. We are lucky enough to have family with a timeshare there, so we go with the grandparents as often as we can. I think Finn is going to have a really good time this year. He can finally swim, and had just discovered boogie boarding the last time we were there.

Wishing - For a fabulous ice cream shop/bakery/candy store that would cater to my family's dietary needs. It makes me sad when I want to take my boys for a treat and there is nothing gluten free or dye free or non dairy. It seems like everyone I meet these days has some kind of sensitivity or another. Wouldn't it be nice to have a sweet little shop filled only with things that us sensitive folks could enjoy? Perhaps there is one out there and I just haven't found it yet...

Making me happy - Our family room remodel is done! It is light and bright and neat and clean. And hopefully soon we'll get artwork hung. But what is making me happiest is having my house back to myself. So happy.

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heather from poppyhaus said...

So,you should open this ice cream/bakery. Do it!