Kauai, Part Two

Here's the last of the vacation photos. Promise. As I look at these I realize how much of what we remember of a vacation is our own choosing. Traveling with small children is not easy. As I like to say, "It's not a vacation, its a relocation." Because you still have to deal with tantrums, blowout diapers, nap strikes, and sibling quarrels. But then again, you are in paradise. 

Yet already the rough edges are being smoothed over. Every time I look through these photos (and all the others I post here on this blog) I am more and more thankful that I have taken up photography. The happy memories are sweet. The sticky parts are bittersweet. A chance to "remember when that trip to the beach turned into a disaster, so we found that amazing smoothie and dried fruit stand instead?" We turned that one around. We turn them all around eventually, whether in paradise or at home. Thats what parents do. And then we look back and see just how lucky we are.

 More mini golf. It was hot. I hid in the cave. Finn hid under the bridge. But seriously, if you are ever in Kauai and have a hankering for mini golf you should check this place out. The grounds are also a botanical garden and tell the history of the Hawaiian islands. And there is good food at the snack shack.

In the many times I have been to Kauai this cave has never been dry inside. On this trip we were able to walk all the way to the back. Apparently is hadn't rained in over two weeks. I thought it was pretty cool. We stopped here after trying to go to Ke'e beach. Which had no parking. The boys were bummed. They weren't as excited as I was. So we wandered over to the food truck in the parking lot and we had a little smoothie/dried pineapple/dried strawberry papaya picnic and climbed some trees.

 Grammie had a small accident involving a golf cart, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. She said it was the best trip to the emergency room ever. Apparently the spirit of Aloha is alive even in the most mundane of places.

Did I mention before that my boys like jumping off stuff into the pool? Well they do. And they did. Over and over again.

 Kauai is amazingly beautiful. At this point we stick to scenery that can be had within 200 paces of our car. I can't wait until Leo is old enough to be able to hike a bit and see some more of this paradise.

One disappointment I had on this trip was in the shave ice department. Finn can't have artificial flavor or color, so we avoid it for Leo too. We lucked out on our last trip to Maui with a shave ice stand that featured some all-natural flavors. I assumed we'd be able to find the same in Kauai. But no.

So I've been daydreaming about moving to Kauai and opening an all-natural shave ice stand. I'll let you know how it goes...


kriznizzel said...

Lovely photo's, make me want a holiday so badly. Thanks for your comment, its good to know I'm not alone on the watermelon front.)

kriznizzel said...

Lovely photo's, make me want a holiday so badly. Thanks for your comment, its good to know I'm not alone on the watermelon front.)

Danielle said...

Fantastic photos! Looks like a great trip.