Kauai, Part One

Our family has the incredible fortune of getting to go to Kauai with my in-laws every two years. They have a timeshare there, and for some reason think that vacationing with our wild pack is a real treat. So we are thankful for that. We were there for 11 days this time, and (here is the part where I sound like a jerk) decided that was about three days too long for Leo. With the time change he was shorting himself about an hour of sleep every day, which turned him into a big huge grump. All we could do was to vigorously apply sweet treats and hope for the best. It seems FInn was the same way at this age, and he was a treat to travel with this year. So hopefully in two more years we will have a pair of traveling pros.

OK. End of complaints. Here is the amazing that was sprinkled all throughout our trip:

There may have been some mini golf involved. I don't know why Finn looks so grumpy in this photo. He loved every minute of it.

Food in Kauai is really(!) expensive. Grammie had the good sense to bring popsicle molds so the boys could cool down with a little icy treat whenever they wanted. 

Just look at the view from the lighthouse grounds. Amazing. The lighthouse itself is under construction, but Finn and I both hope it will be open for tours the next time we visit.

Pool time is hard work for a daddy. One part lifeguard. One part floatie. One part squirt gun target. SOmetimes a guy just has to take a break.

The last time we came to Kauai I didn't give any thought to the down time. I think in any vacation there is a lot of down time when the kids need some sort of inside activity to do. This year I brought all of Finn's art supplies. He drew for hours. Angry Birds. Trucks. Submarines. Angrytruckmarines. They were pretty cool.

But Leo had no interest in the books, puzzles, and crafts I brought for him. He spent his indoor time trying to get this old stereo system to play his Legos in the cassette deck.

Both of our boys took to the water like little fish. Finn is comfortable enough to be on his own with just some poolside supervision. And Leo is fearless. Which means he needs constant supervision or else he will cannonball into the water and sink like a stone to the bottom and think the whole thing is great.

While we were there the Giants were in the playoffs. Game seven is tonight. Go Giants!

Both boys also loved hitching rides on the resort's golf carts. Leo is so hoping that this one has come to pick him up. More photos tomorrow, and then I'll get back to reality...


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Each picture is better than the last. You have incredible talent!

Jaymi said...

what great vacation shots!

Jen Daily said...

Thank you Kate & Jaymi! And thanks for stopping by.