a boy and his hat

I'm guessing most kids go through a phase where they won't wear anything on their head, no matter how hard you try to convince them to do it. I know both of my boys did. It was like a not-so-funny comedy routine. Mommy puts the hat on and tries to distract the kid, kid immediately pulls the hat off and throws it on the ground. And repeat.

 Well we're over that. Leo is so attached to his 49er hat that it has become difficult to get a photo without him wearing it. The boy wears it swimming. He even tries to wear it to bed sometimes. 
I think it has become a bit of a security item. Which is fine. But its an infant sized hat, and this kid has a huge head. My attempts to upgrade him to the next size have been futile. I'm imagining him in another year with his tiny hat just perched on top of his head because that's where we're headed at this point.

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