an angry birds halloween

As obsessed with Angry Birds as Finn is, I wasn't surprised to find out that he wanted to be one for Halloween. And that he had convinced Leo to be one too. I always thought I'd be one of those moms that would hand make some sort of artistic costume for her kids each year, but honestly I'm happy buying the boys what they want. And that way I don't have to take credit for the shenanigans that are going on with Finn's costume. I'm not sure how he put it on, but the stuffing that was supposed to give the costume a little body kept flopping out the bottom all night like a pair of sandbags. Oh well. 

I think the boys' favorite part of the evening is waiting for the early trick-or-treaters. This year they starting coming around 4:30. We didn't have anything set up yet, so the boys ran out to the sidewalk with some candy to hand it out to the families that would otherwise pass our house by. 
Leo loved checking out what all the neighbors were up to. We had dueling fog machines.

I surprised the boys by getting Derick an Angry Birds King Pig costume. Here are Finn and Leo's faces when they turned around to see him.

We did our trick-or-treating early, with Finn carefully plotting a path that avoided the "scary" house. But at the end of our jaunt we found ourselves at the far end of our street with no direct way to get home except for walking past the scary house. Finn decided we could just cross the street when we got to that one. It was fine.Though early in the evening a man dressed in a creepy zombie costume thought it was appropriate to crawl across our lawn growling at my boys. Finn was freaked out so I wagged my mama finger at the man and told him to go scare someone over the age of ten. He got up and took off his mask. He tried to apologize to Finn, but Finn was too scared. He got over it quickly though.

Here is my lazy costume. I have a tub full of black Halloween props - broom skirt, cape, gloves, wigs, and hats. I usually select some combination of them all and roll with it. This year I called myself a "Halloween Spirit."

Halloween 2012. 2500 pieces of candy. More trick-or-treaters than that. A little rain. Extra candy for Giants fans. Angry Birds. Halloween Spirit. Done.

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

2500 pieces of candy!? That's some serious stuff. The boys look so cute!