radio silence

Last week I went down a rabbit hole. 

Every once in a while I discover new information about the treatment of thyroid disease and the accompanying adrenal fatigue that gets me excited about the possibility of really feeling good again. I've been diagnosed with these issues for about seven years, but feel like I have probably been suffering for the majority of my life. So last week I stopped taking all my supplements in order to get a baseline for some lab work. Knowing that I would likely start feeling pretty low, I cancelled and put off as many obligations as I could (including taking photos and posting here). 

I won't get into the looooooooong list of symptoms that have been coming back up in the last week. But I will say that I am now certain that the plethora of pills I pop every day really do make a difference. 

And in the meantime, what's a worn out mama to do with her wild boy who is demonstrating a typical 2.5 year old defiant attitude? 

Look at the interesting fruits (and squashes mama!) in our fall fruit bowl.

Dole out mismatched pajamas because laundry hasn't been done.

Put out the pile of acorns that have been collecting in my coat pocket for our neighborhood squirrel.

Dump leogs. All over.

Admire a wild turkey feather. 

And just let it go. For a little while anyway...

At this time of year I think we all give more thought to the things we are thankful for. For me it is my family and my health, even as shaky as it can be. And I am so thankful for access to good healthcare and the information at this website. If you or anyone you know suffers with thyroid disease, it is truly a goldmine of information.

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