growing up fast

Somehow these photos never made it up on the site. They are from Finn's birthday party, and mark a bit of a passage for us as party hosts. Until now Finn's parties have been huge affairs, where we invite all our family friends and every kid Finn knows. This year Finn really wanted to go mini golfing. And since I couldn't figure out how to make that happen with 53 of our closest friends, I knew it was time to scale things down.

Finn invited four boys for an afternoon of mini golf, arcade games, and ice cream sundaes. It was simple, sweet, and insanely inexpensive compared to parties past. And the boys had a fabulous time. A couple of the parents were a little unsure about just dropping off their boys. But they were all wonderfully behaved, and watching the five of them hold hands while walking the two blocks from mini-golf to ice cream shop was priceless.

After ice cream, Finn's best buddy came home with us for their first-ever sleepover. A big deal for all of us, and a fitting way to mark the start of a year that already seems so much more grown up than the one before.

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