little houses

Making a gingerbread house has become an annual event for our family. I remember one year when I was about 8, my mom and I made a gingerbread house from scratch. It was such an ordeal getting the gingerbread the right thickness, cutting the pieces just so, and creating frosting that was the perfect consistency. We made one fabulous house, then stored it away to display for years after that. Then one year, the ants discovered it in my closet and that was that.

These days gingerbread house kits are everywhere and I love them. The kits take all the fuss out of the project and just leave the fun of putting the house together and decorating it. We made three creations this year, just so the boys and I could each have their own.

Finn chose a train and tried to convince Leo that he should put all his candy in the back train car. Leo was not falling for it. He had other plans for his extra candy. For days after we put the gingerbread "houses" up for display our house smelled so good. Its a wonder we didn't gobble them up.

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