merry christmas!

I hope yours was a good one. We were blessed with boys that slept in until 6:30(!) and all six grandparents in attendance. I will tell you that there is no better gift than wonderful grandparents. Especially those that will entertain the kids when you are sick, and prepare meals when you are overwhelmed with holiday duties. Three cheers for grandparents!

Finn was (mostly) thrilled with his Christmas loot, and thankyouthankyouthankyou'd me with a full body hug. Leo was tickled pink, and tried to unwrap all the presents under the tree. He was thrilled to find that one of them was a candle, of course.

While I was sick with a cold for the day I still managed to enjoy the amazing feasts, a glass of champagne, a jump on the new mini-trampoline, and a few rounds of cards with the young folk. The day itself went by so quickly, with family in and out all day long. We felt blessed and happy and full. A merry Christmas all around.

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